Chris' testimony

Doula Advantages



Throughout the whole pregnancy Enita was extensively involved with giving

advice, finding information quickly and accurately. Without her informative

knowledge we would have wasted a lot of time in obtaining the correct



I wasn’t sure what a doula was until I learned about it in baby classes. As the

classes progressed and more information about doula’s role came to light, I

was sold. The reasons why are as follows:


1.             Preparation


We all have friends or families that have gone through pregnancies, but one doesn’t realize the amount preparation that goes into the pregnancy until you find yourself in that situation.


Throughout Michelle’s pregnancy Enita continuously supported her when I was at work or at home. The amount of effort put in by her to ease the pregnancy is astonishing. She supported Michelle emotionally during the pregnacy. She even stood by even when we weren’t even sure if we wanted a doula. Her only interest was what is best for us.


2.             Approaching Labour


When the due date came closer, she had already done research on everything concerning our pregnancy. This made our lives easier having someone so knowledgeable about our needs in different occasions.


3.             Labour


When Michelle was 1 cm dilated Enita wanted to come through from Somerset West to Vredenburg 21:00 the night. Michelle being brave said she should only come the morning, but she regretted that decision. As I was not allowed to be with Michelle until she was 4 cm dilated the doula was the next best thing. Seeing of the contractions I could understand why she needed someone by her side throughout labour.


Enita supported her with every need she had from bathing, feeding, assisting her to the toilet, reassuring her and helping her with breathing techniques and massaging her back and putting pressure on her hips during contractions until I was allowed to go in and then it became a team effort.


Enita supported me as well when she saw I was confused, unsure or forgetting something. She made sure I get something to eat and drink as well. She was also considerate in the fact that sometimes we need time alone, but she always stood around the corner to listen and jump to the opportunity to help us in any way. I never had to leave Michelle’s side, because the doula already had all the information the nurses and doctors wanted, not that Michelle or I, didn’t know, she just knows in the heat of contractions, pains, needs and how important those moments are for a couple, things can get confusing.


The biggest appreciation for a doula was after Lily was born…in the ecstatic moment a sigh of relief came over me knowing I could not have done it without Enita. The guidance, support and advice kept me going, one could say a little angel whispering the way forward to the beauty of new life. 


Enita will forever be in our hearts and the stories of our beautiful daughters birth. 


Eternally Grateful