What does a doula do?

A doula is a formally trained professional  who is there during labour to support the mother with different positions to labour in, emotional support and comfort measures, as well as pain relief options that are not medicinal.  She is on call 24/7 beforehand with information and support, as well as post partum to help out with the little things a new family can use an extra hand with.

What is the difference between a midwife and a doula?

A midwife is for everything below the waist, and a doula for everything above the waist. Or put differently, a midwife deals with the medical side of things, while a doula is more for the emotional /support side of things.

Is a doula only for the mother?

Absolutely not! A big part of the the role of the doula is to help the partner support the mother better, by suggesting ways to help ease her pain, comfort her, or to keep him from freaking out. A doula also helps to make sure the partner is remembering to take care of himself by eating and hydrating frequently, and resting when needed.

Does a doula replace the father or birthing partner?

No. The best team is a father/ birthing partner AND a doula. We work together to try and give you the best possible birthing experience. 

What happens if I have an emergency cesarean?

I will accompany you to the theater and keep on supporting you in every way I can, explaining what is happening as far as possible. After baby is born, if you have a birthing partner, I will stay with you while he/she goes with baby. If you don't, I will stick to baby's side like glue for your peace of mind. 

And what about an elective cesarean?

Theaters are still uncertain places, so I will give you emotional support and explain what is going on whilst the doctors and nurses are busy focusing on their job at hand. My main focus will be you and your needs, with optional benefit of taking photos if you so wish. I will also still render the same pre- and post-natal services as I would with any other birth.

What benefits does it have to use the services of a doula?

Research shows that having a doula decrease the overall cesarean rate by 28%, length of labour by 25%, use of oxytocin by 40% and requests for epidurals by 60%. Mothers who use doulas also report higher birth satisfaction and breastfeeding success.